Pecca Group Award Presentation Ceremony 

pecca group award presentation ceremony

The Special Contribution Award for staff recognises individuals whose impact on the organisation is both measurable and substantial. It considers factors such as the significance of their contributions to organisational goals, their unwavering dedication and initiative, their ability to innovate and bring about positive change, their effectiveness in fostering teamwork and collaboration, and their overall influence on the organisational culture. This award honours individuals who consistently go above and beyond their regular duties, inspiring others and driving progress within the organisation through their exemplary efforts and leadership. 

Honoring Excellence: Celebrating the Dedication and Achievements of Pecca Group Staff

Pecca Group‘s celebration of our remarkable staff members signifies our deep appreciation for their dedication, passion, and hard work, which have been integral to our collective achievements. Each recipient of our awards is meticulously selected by our top management, embodying the core values and vision of our organisation. Their contributions not only align with our business direction but also exemplify excellence in their respective roles, propelling us toward new heights of success. As we commemorate these milestones, we take pride in the collaborative spirit and unwavering commitment that define our journey together, propelling Pecca Group towards even greater accomplishments in the future. Recognising outstanding dedication, we proudly present these awards to the nominees: 

Pecca Leather Sdn Bhd 

  1. Outstanding Contribution Award 
  • K. Karunakaran (COO) 
  • Goh Soon Huang (Operations GM) 
  • Gracce Liew Sook Chin (Purchasing GM) 
  • Mat Nizam b Mat Daron (Ex- Chief Sales Officer) 
  1. Special Contribution Award 
  • Danny Ng Kok Aun (Head of Public Affairs) 
  • Sam Chee Siong (Senior Production Manager) 
  • Nizarozani b Rosli (Sales Manager) 
  • Mohd Raihanuddin b Bachok (Sales Manager) 
  • Wong Siong Tyng (QA Manager) 
  • Ahmad Fuad Duzzaki b Mohamed Razmi (Production Engineering Asst. Manager) 
  • Nuraini bt Masrul (HR Asst. Manager) 
  • Saravanan a/l Valoo (Planning Asst. Manager) 
  • Lee Kar Khuen (Production Asst. Manager) 
  • Wong Chee Weng (IT Asst. Manager) 
  • Yan Hooi Ling (Product Development – Asst. Manager) 
  • Mohd Azraf n Amir Hamzah (Product Development – Asst. Manager) 
  • Ne Guey Ing, Michol (Senior Production Executive) 
  • Gopinath a/l Selvarajoo (HR Senior Executive) 
  • Goh Siew Kim (Senior Production Executive) 
  • Toa Ming Chou, Lynette (Senior Account Executive) 
  • Ong Siew Kim, Penny (Senior Planning Executive) 
  • Zulhilmi b Zahidi (Bodyguard cum Driver to MD) 

At Pecca, we firmly believe that every contribution matters, recognising the significance of our team’s collective efforts in achieving sustained market success. Our commitment to fostering a healthy management approach underscores our dedication to nurturing talent, fostering creativity, and promoting collaboration across all levels of the organisation. As we continue to expand our horizons, we invite you to explore exciting opportunities within the automotive, aviation, and healthcare industries alongside us. With a focus on innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction, we are poised to capitalise on emerging trends and drive growth in these dynamic sectors.

Join us, and let’s thrive together as one big family at Pecca, where your talents are valued, and your aspirations are supported every step of the way. 

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