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Our unwavering commitment to excellence and precision in cabin interiors stems from our passion for perfection


In the realm of aviation, our dedication to excellence shines through. We are your trusted partner for cabin seats cover manufacturing and maintaining cabin interiors to the highest international standards, prioritising passenger safety and comfort. In parallel, we aim to support the government's aviation initiatives, aligning with our commitment to elevate the industry and ensure a superior journey for all.

With a passion for perfection, we are soaring towards a brighter aviation future.
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Perfectness, Excellence, Compliance, Conformity, and Adeptness (PECCA) to exceed our aviation business services globally.

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To provide on time, within budget, and with the highest level of service quality for cabin interior maintenance, repair, and overhaul to our customers – 100% satisfaction and reliability with no surprises.

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Discover a wide array of aviation solutions under one roof. We provide aircraft seat cover and cabin interior management solutions, encompassing manufacturing, replacement, repair, and refurbishment. Our expertise extends to the distribution and installation of aircraft leather products.

Additionally, we specialise in deep cleaning services for aircraft interiors, ensuring pristine cabin hygiene. Our commitment to excellence caters to diverse aviation needs, ensuring safety, comfort, and top-tier performance.
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Pecca Aviation

Your one-stop solution for the management of aircraft interior in Malaysia

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