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Design, R&D & Innovation

Pecca Leather

Design and

We offer an array of innovative designs for our products. Beyond standard options, we specialise in crafting custom products to fulfil unique requests, ensuring unparalleled luxury, comfort, and peace of mind for our clients.


Our in-house Design and Styling Department that elevates our offerings. StyleLab enhances our value by providing styling design proposals tailored to each client’s preferences and target market segments especially to the Replacement Equipment Manufacturer (REM) segment. This enables Pecca Leather to deliver comprehensive customised styling design services.

Our StyleLab boasts a team of seasoned designers with extensive experience in automotive interior styling, bringing a wealth of industry knowledge and international perspective to the table. This enriches our offerings, adding a layer of value that comes from our broad industry experience and global outlook.

Research and

At Pecca Leather, we prioritise robust Research and Development (R&D) efforts to guarantee product quality and ongoing development, while our StyleLab contributes value by crafting innovative designs and concepts for our clients.
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Quality, Safety & Compliance

We have made substantial investments in cutting-edge machinery sourced from the United States of America, Germany, and Italy.
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Awards & Certifications

Over the course of our journey, we have received various accolades from reputable industry authorities.