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Pecca Leather is more than an automotive upholstery specialist; it's a passion-driven journey into luxury. Every handcrafted piece reflects our commitment to perfection and personalisation. With a diverse range of products, we enhance vehicle interiors, crafting bespoke solutions to match individual desires and to enrich your driving endeavor.

Come and be a part of the exciting journey of defining the future of luxurious automotive experiences, where your comfort and style are given utmost importance.
OE Fit

OE Leather Seat Cover

We roll up our sleeves in collaboration with Tier 1 car seat manufacturers and engineer car seat covers that align seamlessly with car maker specifications. These snugly-fitted covers, crafted from high-quality leather, embrace bare car seats, creating complete units that make their way to car manufacturers for the final step – installation onto vehicles, where precision meets road-ready.

We also embark on a mission to refresh existing car seats. Delicately disassembling and peeling away tired fabric covers of each seat, replaced with our OE fitted leather seat covers. Revitalised, these seats return to their automotive homes, inviting passengers to experience a renewed sense of elegance and comfort.
Smarrt Fit

Smart Fit Leather Car Seat Cover

Catering to both the OEM and REM market segments, our patented innovation - the Smart Fit leather car seat cover ingeniously attaches a leather cover snugly onto existing car seats. Model-specific precision ensures exceptional compatibility and comfort, rivalling OE fitted leather car seats.

Our design, incorporating specialised sewing techniques, meets airbag deployment test standards and sets our product apart in the market. These covers come in two separate pieces for the seat back and cushion, thoughtfully designed for installation without the need to remove the car seat or its original fabric cover.
Quick Fit

Quick Fit Car Seat Cover

Primarily tailored for the REM market segment, our Quick Fit car seat cover introduces a unique, patented design that offers versatility. Just like our Smart Fit solution, Quick Fit is meticulously crafted to match specific car models, ensuring a seamless fit comparable to our Smart Fit product. Comprising a single piece of leatherette material, the standard specification neatly covers both the seat back and cushion. Installing it onto your car seat is hassle-free – no need to disassemble the seat or remove the existing fabric cover.

Premium Interior Accessories

Pecca Leather is your ultimate one-stop centre, seamlessly integrating exquisite craftsmanship with convenience. Covering every aspect – from design and manufacturing to distribution and installation, we epitomise luxury and comfort for your car’s interior fittings, including leather interior repair for cars and car interior refurbishment. 

Additionally, our expertise extends to meticulously crafting a range of car interior elements, such as car door trim, steering wheels, gear shift knobs, handbrake levers, and console boxes. Each detail enhances your driving experience, encapsulating luxury, comfort, and peace of mind all under one roof.
premium interior accessories

Type of

Beyond mere vehicles, they are personal connections. Automobiles engage every sense, particularly their interior. Our diverse materials, including fabric, leatherette, and genuine leather car seat covers, uniquely awaken these senses. Whether you are creating a unique piece or carefully reimagining a classic, our varied palette of colours and textures ensures you will find the perfect match.

Genuine Leather

Natural organic touch
Hassle-free movement
Good ventilation via trochophore
Hygienic and dermatologically safe
Comfortable ride

Degree of Heat Dissipation*
Temperature reduces to 29 ℃

Minimal maintenance
Wipe with clean, damp cloth

* Based on an initial test atmosphere of 55℃. Results derived after air-conditioner was switched on for 5 minutes.


Plastic-based material that looks and feels like natural leather
Less breathable than natural leather
Shrink and less durable due to ageing and exposure to heat

Degree of Heat Dissipation*
Temperature reduces to 45 ℃

Medium maintenance
Wipe with clean, damp cloth with mild detergent

* Based on an initial test atmosphere of 55℃. Results derived after air-conditioner was switched on for 5 minutes.

pecca leather fabric



Flexible and resilient Not water and stain resistant Accumulate dust and dirt Absorb sweat and emit an unpleasant odour 

Degree of Heat Dissipation*
Temperature reduces to 43 – 46 ℃

High maintenance Total removal for dry cleaning or washing

* Based on an initial test atmosphere of 55℃. Results derived after air-conditioner was switched on for 5 minutes.

Who we

We specialise in crafting an array of leather car interior components tailored to the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) market. Additionally, we provide personalised leather car interior essentials for the Replacement Equipment Manufacturer (REM) sector.
pecca leather dmax oem

OEM Market

In close collaboration with Tier 1 car seat manufacturers, we skilfully fashion car seat covers that perfectly align with car maker specifications. Crafted from a blend of premium leather and thoughtfully selected materials, these covers snugly fit over bare car seats. They are assembled into complete units and sent to car manufacturers for the final step – getting them road-ready with precise installation onto vehicles.

pecca leather cx5 rem

REM Market

Pecca Leather embarked on a transformative odyssey to breathe new life into existing car seats. With bespoke designs, carefully crafted by skilled artisans, these covers seamlessly supplant the old, infusing an aura of revitalisation and refined sophistication. These replacements effortlessly bring rejuvenation and sophistication, inviting passengers to experience enhanced elegance and comfort on their renewed seats.

Our Clients


Discover our Project Gallery: A collection of our automotive upholstery projects.

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Experience the transformation of driving into a realm of luxury and personalisation. Explore our diverse range of bespoke solutions for enhanced vehicle interiors with unparalleled craftsmanship and comfort.

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Design, R&D & Innovation

We specialise in crafting custom products to fulfil unique requests, ensuring unparalleled luxury, comfort, and peace of mind for our clients.
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Quality, Safety & Compliance

We have made substantial investments in cutting-edge machinery sourced from the United States of America, Germany, and Italy.
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Awards & Certifications

Over the course of our journey, we have received various accolades from reputable industry authorities.


Wondering how to maintain the leather seat? Or possible to personalise leather car seat? Check out our FAQs page for all the answers to your questions!

What makes automotive leather seat covers a compelling option?

Leather car seat covers enhance your driving experience by offering elevated comfort and hassle-free maintenance. Their timeless sophistication adds an elegant touch to your vehicle's interior, while their durability increases resale value. These seats are adaptable to various climates, ensuring comfort on every drive.

Check up: 5 Compelling Reasons for Opting for Leather Car Seats

Do leather car seats require high maintenance?

No, leather car seats do not require high maintenance. With proper care and occasional cleaning, they can maintain their quality and appearance over time.

Check up: Leather Car Seats: Maintenance and Comfort

How to care for your leather car seats?

Caring for your automotive leather car seats involves regular cleaning, using gentle cleaning solutions, applying leather conditioner, managing moisture, avoiding harsh chemicals and sharp objects, protecting from sun exposure and extreme heat, and seeking professional cleaning when needed. These steps help maintain their appearance, suppleness, and longevity.

Check up: Tips for Caring for Your Leather Car Seats

How can I personalise my leather seats according to my preferences?

We specialise in crafting custom products to fulfil unique requests, ensuring unparalleled luxury, comfort, and peace of mind for our clients. Our in-house Design and Styling Department – StyleLab will provide styling design proposals tailored to each client's preferences and target market segments.

Can leather car seats cause allergic reactions?

It's unlikely to experience allergies from leather car seats. Genuine leather is a natural material that is less likely to trigger allergies compared to synthetic materials. However, if you have known sensitivities or allergies, it's recommended to spend some time in a vehicle with leather seats to gauge any potential reactions before making a decision.

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